Wednesday, April 25, 2007

UPDATE: Rolston to continue bedroom visits with Brent Burns in tow

Last week, my wife had a dream about Brian Rolston. Today at 2:27pm I get this email:

Subject: rolston

wikipedia says he's divorced!!!

Later, I get this email:

Subject: brent burns

brent burns is my new favorite. i'm going to have a dream about him, but it'll be a lot less refined than the dream about rolston. i mean, burns is a boy, rolston is a man. it'll be a slobbery frat boy flashback type dream.
Ummm...should I be worried about this? She's clearly way too excited about the fact that Rolston is divorced. Let's keep in mind that we've only been married about 8 months. (Is it too soon for marital strife?) At first it was funny, but isn't this taking it a little far? "Slobbery frat boy flashback type dream..." What is that supposed to mean?!? (Does "flashback" imply that she's had "slobbery frat boy" encounters in the past? Who is this woman???)


G.H. said...

hey man, where are the posts?

Anonymous said...

Brian Rolston is not divorced. Someone must of edited because go back and it says he is married...he is not divorced, and I don't know why you care about this stuff.

Runninwiththedogs said...

Isn't it "must have" rather than "must of?"

Dakota said...

Please remind your wife that I was never in a frat and the slobbering was due mostly to the novocaine from my root canal surgery that morning.