Friday, March 16, 2007


Yes, People! It's the that time of year again. College hockey playoffs! The NCAA tourney field will be set on Sunday, so check back and enter the 2007 Casual Hockey NCAA Division I Hockey Tourney Pick 'Em Challenge. (I might shorten the name - maybe). The prizes are yet to be determined. So don't forget, check back Sunday or Monday to enter the Casual Hockey Pick 'Em Challenge.

Note: Some of you I realize don't care about College Hockey, or probably Hockey in general. But, it's just another reason to fill out a bracket and who doesn't like that?

In honor of College Hockey fans everywhere, check out the clip below. Here's the setup: The game is over, and the Gophers had just lost to CC in the WCHA Final Five. Tyler Hirsch, one of their top scoring forwards, skates to center ice, sets up like he's taking a penalty shot, then skates full-speed at the net, takes a slapper, and slams into the goal knocking it over. As he skates to the bench, he realizes he better leave his stick at center ice. Needless to say, this guy isn't playing competitive hockey anymore.

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Really this is the only bracket I'm qualified to participate in: