Friday, February 23, 2007

They're just scrappin'!

Well, if you watch hockey you certainly saw arguably the best bench-clearing brawl of the year last night. It was...excellent. The clip above does a good job describing the details of what went down and how it started. Please note Chris Drury's bleeding head, probably the best indication of why it started. Let's give some credit to Drew Stafford (Fighting Sioux alum) for immediately dropping the gloves with Neil after the hit on Chris Drury. Drew Stafford - um, we learned is not a fighter, as Neil immediately pulled the jersey over his head and punched him in the face a couple times. But, he came back and got the shootout game winner. Nice.

P.S. These two teams play again tomorrow night. That will be interesting.


G.H. said...

this blog is a freaking revelation. i need to watch more hockey.

j.l. said...

Osgood used to fight? I didn't know that. One more reason why that guy isn't only good, he's Osgood.