Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Who said there's nothing to do in North Dakota?

In what is quickly becoming the must-see event of the season, former college hockey coaches Doug Woog and "Mean" Dean Blais will face off against each other in a game of bubble hockey. Yeah, that's right. Bubble hockey. They will play the game at center ice in Englestad Arena between periods of the Sioux-Gopher game this Friday. AND this match will be televised!!! So, don't tell me you've got nothing to do this weekend. You can always watch two old college hockey coaches play bubble hockey against each other. (Incidentally, have you ever watched a game of bubble hockey??? It's just about the most boring fucking thing on the planet. Playing is fun, watching not so much.)

Doug Woog, of course, coached the mighty Gophers and now acts as the Paula Abdul of Fox Sports North. I swear that guy is drunk every Saturday night game he broadcasts. Seriously, listen to him mumble and stumble through the game. "Mean" Dean Blais coached the Fighting Sioux to a couple of national titles. (By the way, Blais is mean. I went to his hockey camp and was about 10 seconds late to an on-ice meeting. He screamed for me to "skate 10 fucking laps, then get your ass back here!" I was 12. Also, I heard a rumor he punched one of his scramble partners in the face for missing a putt.)

If all that is true, Blais is going to fucking crush Woog. And if Mean Dean loses, I bet he jerseys Woog sends his drunk ass to the ice. Come to think of it, I will probably watch this.

WILDS UPDATE: Philly tonight. I hope Kim Johnsson keeps his chin tucked.


John said...

Oh yeah? Well I'm playing foosball against Zinedine Zidane during halftime at the next Thunder game!

mikat said...

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