Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day Special!!!

Because there's nothing better than dinner, hockey, and sex (yes, all in one night), the Wild smartly scheduled a home game against the Canucks tonight. Unfortunately, this also means that, if you're at the game, you'll be seeing a lot of this, Click it. (Not sure exactly what's happening here, what has happened or, worse, what is going to happen. There are almost too many questionable things about this pic. Note, I wouldn't get into an elevator with those 7 people. And why are those two people on their knees??) Anyway, you'll be seeing a lot of couples in matching jerseys tonight. I've never understood this phenomena. It's terrible. And the couples doing this are always sort of lumpy. They wander around the arena concourse holding hands and the backs of the jerseys say things like, "Hubby" or "#1 Wild Fan". I can't stand this. Luckily, my wife would punch me in the face if I bought jerseys for the both of us (otherwise, I'd probably already have bought them).

If you can stomach the jersey crowd, the game should be a good one. Both teams are tied with 66pts., two behind NW division leader Calgary. If you can't convince your lady to go to the game tonight, tell her these guys will be performing at intermission...I'm told.

Related V-day Sidenote: What the hell is Dougie Weight doing in this pic??? Two interesting things about the pic: 1. The excitement/fascination of the ladies in the crowd (and that guy on the left) 2. Coach Joel Quenneville totally disgusted, watching the whole thing unfold on the "Kisscam". You can actually see Quenneville losing all respect for Weight.

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